CBAS 014 Skittles In Your Butt

Craft Beer Analyst Snobcast Episode 14


Show Notes

Recorded 1/18/2014

Hosts: RJ & Crafty Chick

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Fireside Chat - Shipyard Brewing Smashed Blueberry

Beer Three Tier System - Tied House

Beer Analyzed - Scuttlebutt Brewing Porter

Craft Brews News - Suntory of Japan buys Jim Beam now accepts bitcoin

Left Hand Brewing doesn’t like Peyton Manning’s Post-game beer choice

Craft Breweries Booming

Quality Craft Creation - Craft Beer Delivery Service

Craft Beer in the movies – Blue Jasmine - Division III - Drinking Buddies

Music - Drinkin’ Beer by Jimmy Witherspoon


scuttlebutt scuttlebutt porter


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